Friday, February 5, 2010

Writing It Down

I have always been the type of chef that never really follows recipes. Creatively, this is great because it encourages me to make things new and better, but guess what - no one else can make it. So, after being politely asked, in some cases for years, I am slowly beginning to spoon these out onto paper. It is gratifying to share these recipes with guests as well as with the other chefs at Evins Mill, for when I am too old to stand for twelve hours a day, I can rest in my lawn chair knowing that the dish was prepared properly and tasted good. Just kidding!

Soup is what brought me here this week. A regular patron of the Inn recently asked me about our butternut squash bisque. He enjoyed it on a prior visit and requested the recipe, but somehow I've yet to respond. Hmmm....Well, the new me will make that bisque today - and will write it down!

I am especially excited about the butternut squash, because they are of excellent quality and come from our friends Brent and Mary Bain, who own and operate their family farm in Warren County and who can be found at the Warren County Farmer's Market just about anytime it is operating. They grow an abundance of fresh produce practically year round and also specialize in annual flowers. Their dedication and expertise are evident in the quality of their products. We started working with them this winter, procuring from them our winter squash, turnips and mustard greens, and look forward to spring and more tasty veggies from the Bain family farm!

Well, it is time to make the soup! Keep an eye out on the recipe blog next week for Butternut Squash Bisque. And if you find yourself in McMinnville, I invite you to visit Brent and Mary at the Farmer's Market - and tell them we sent you.

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