Monday, August 3, 2015

Southern Natural Foods

Nothing says summer like a steak on the grill! Lucky for me, I get to see a lot of both during the busy summer season. I love the change of the seasons in thinking about meals to prepare, but summer has to be in the top four (that was supposed to be funny, I think the heat in the kitchen is getting to me)! I do love the variety of garden vegetables and fruits that are only good this time of year. Summer has a distinct taste.

Back to that steak! We have a new friend I want to share with you, and that is Southern Natural Foods. I had the pleasure of getting to play with a few samples of their beef and pork a few months ago; they are special to say the least. We served their rib eyes and strip steaks at our Bluegrass Cookout back on the 4th of July to rave reviews (and it was not just my cooking). They are everything you would expect from an all natural, locally raised, sustain-ably farmed product.

I am very impressed with not just the quality, but also the supply. They have had what I needed and when, and delivered fresh...yes, fresh! This is almost unheard of in beef from local farms. This is key for me in trying to feed the variety of events from weddings to corporate retreats to an anniversary couple.

Southern Natural Foods also offers DNA trace-ability, so that you can trace your meal back to the very farm it came from; very cool. These guys have taken all the steps you need to take to create a one of a kind product and went even further to ensure you are eating the best. I have said it before, but starting with the best ingredients makes my job a whole lot easier.  There is a ton of information on their website  Check it out!

Evins Mill will give you your next opportunity to try their beef at our Stonehaus Wine Tasting, Harvest Cookout.  This will be August 22nd and will be a cookout style menu with loads of steaks off the CHARCOAL grill, local veggie salads and sides, local fruit cobbler with homemade ice cream...yeah, you better come! Have a great rest of the summer.

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