Tuesday, February 22, 2011

West Wind Farms

When we began shifting our menu to feature primarily local, organic and sustainable ingredients, it was not clear to me on how many levels this was the right direction to move. It is easy to say we want to help the local farmers and producers, supply our guests with healthier options and take a little better care of our planet. Those are pretty obvious, but it has been so much more beneficial to me as a chef than I could have imagined. Getting to meet and know the wonderful folks that have a passion for producing these "clean" ingredients is a breath of fresh air professionally and personally. Knowing the story of a food when it enters my kitchen causes me to slow down and take that into consideration when preparing it. I want to make sure all that passion it took to make the ingredient does not stop with me.
We began highlighting some of our local partners last year and will continue that this year. There are several new ones that we are very excited about. West Wind Farms has been supplying us with a nice variety of products since last December. Everything from pork loins and tenderloins, whole chickens and breasts, summer sausage and butter. They have a lot more we have not even tried yet! In addition to the excellent quality, this variety has been what I am so excited about. It is helpful to be able to source several of our menu options from one place. In moving to cleaner and greener food, it takes me a great deal more time ordering everything we need and making sure we have a steady supply.
West Wind Farms is located near Deer Lodge, Tennessee. While that may not be close to very many folks, it is the perfect place to raise the certified organic meats and poultry that they are so good at. They have all the delivery and pick up information on their website, as well as who they are and the food philosophy that you get in every bite. They can also be found, as most these days, on Facebook and Twitter too. If you still have not tasted the difference in small farm versus who knows where that came from, then give these guys a try - or come see us!

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