Sunday, March 27, 2011

Something to Cluck About

One of the most widely used ingredients in every kitchen is also among the hardest to find a reliable, local source for. It has been on my list since we started our "farm to table" journey two years ago, but until recently we have not been able to crack the case. Your average grocery store, factory raised "incredible edible egg" may not be hard to find, but procuring a farm fresh, locally sourced, AWA certified, and delivered egg is a little more work. AWA stands for Animal Welfare Approved and is a hard earned badge for the commitment to the highest standards of caring for farm animals of all kinds. Once again, hard work has paid off and we are excited to announce our newest partner in procuring "Our Table" food!
Folsom Farms in Alexandria, Tennessee is now the exclusive egg supplier for The Inn at Evins Mill. I was fortunate enough to tour the farm with my family and saw first hand where your next omelet at the Inn started. Teresa Folsom shared with us everything about the chickens, from how they determined she really did not need landscaping around her farm house to the different breeds and qualities of each. The Folsom family has been gathering eggs for five years or so now and enjoy it thoroughly. There are currently around 80 laying hens pecking their way around the farm, so we feel pretty good about our need for 15 to 30 dozen eggs per week being met. All of the birds roam free during the day and have a cozy, protective, mobile roost to sleep in at night.
I cannot say enough about how thankful I am to be partnering with Teresa and her family for our egg usage. They are also going to try and raise some broiling chickens for us this year too! I am sure the next time you visit the Inn you will recognize the difference in your breakfast. There really is no comparison between farm fresh and factory eggs - the farm wins every time. Cluck Cluck!

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  1. So happy to see this post about Teresa et al and her delicious eggs! What a wonderful place Folsom Farms is and I know those happy chickens will bring your guests the utmost in flavor and nutrition!