Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Revolution in Every Mug

That is what the Sergio brothers say about their line of Calfkiller beers. We are proud to say that Evins Mill is suiting up and joining in to fight the good fight, or at least sell a few of their handcrafted brews. Calfkiller Brewing Company is located just outside Sparta, Tennessee in close proximity to the banks of the storied Calfkiller River. Dave and Don Sergio have only been selling their efforts for a couple of years, but you cannot tell by the beer, as they are complex in flavor and a joy to drink.

We are currently carrying their two flagship beers, Grassroots Ale and J. Henry Mild. They make several other seasonal beers as well, incorporating orange zest, local honey and pine needles into their "Christmas Bonus" or oats and chocolate malts into "The Classic Stout". We will be carrying two different beers on draft according to season and whatever wild hair these guys come up with. The Grassroots is the lighter in color of the two with a great hops taste while The J. Henry Mild is a beautiful light to medium brown lager. We have had guests favor both so far, depending on your taste of course.

As with all of our local products, it is an exciting time when we find something new that is produced close to home and with quality fit for a king. Calfkiller is a natural fit at Evins Mill and we are proud to have them on board. Thanks to Dave and Don for all the blood, sweat and tears that went into getting Calfkiller Brewing Company off the ground (not an easy task in small town Tennessee). These guys not only make great beer - they also fashioned us a one-of-a-kind draft beer tower (look above) to draw up your next Calfkiller. Come check it out!

Also keep your Internet eyes peeled for coming announcements about Evins Mill and Calfkiller, as we are in the planning process of the brew masters themselves hosting one of our social hours before dinner to talk about the brews and do a little sampling. A fun evening for sure. Cheers!

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