Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Evins Mill Garden Update

Summer is back! With the warmer days brings loads of fresh veggies and fruit from the Evins Mill Garden. We are just finishing up our salad green gathering and eagerly watching several varieties try to reseed themselves. I like it when that happens, free seeds! Hopefully they will successfully begin the fall crop all by themselves. We will have a few more pounds here and there but it looks like we will end up having produced around 50 pounds of salad! That is the weight after having removed the cicadas.
We are starting to get a steady supply of cucumbers now so it will not be long before we are back in the pickle business. We served up our first batch of fried green tomatoes this week straight from the garden in the morning to the table that evening; they were a sight for sore Southern eyes. Last but not least are the wild blackberries picked just this morning and for the next couple of weeks! These black beauties will be part of our mixed berry cobbler this weekend for the Bluegrass Cookout. These cobblers are made by your very own scratched up chef!
In the near future, we will have even more straight from the garden delights. All the watermelon, charlyn, cantaloupe and areva melons are starting to bloom. Green beans, okra, butternut squash, bell peppers and of course ripe tomatoes will work their way onto the menu. I must also mention our new feathered friends; we now have half a dozen chickens employed at the Evins Mill Garden. They will eventually feed the chef scrambled eggs for breakfast before work, but for the time being they are making lots...and lots of free fertilizer. That is a good thing, right (as I clean out the coop)?
Chicken jokes aside, the harvest is coming in at Evins Mill! We look forward to sharing it with you soon.

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