Thursday, September 13, 2012

Dismal Creek Flowers

Dismal is one of those words that really does not come to mind around Evins Mill. If someone asks me to describe my cooking or the ambiance at the waterfall or even my relationship with the owner, dismal would be a stretch to use. Although not too far away, there is a quiet, tranquil place by the name Dismal Creek. I am not sure how its name came to be, but it is the home of one of our long time staff and her business, Dismal Creek Flowers.

If you are a regular to Evins Mill, there is a good chance you crossed paths with Diane's drinks at the bar or her graceful, professional service at your dinner table. Maybe not as well known as the other feathers in her hat, Diane has an eye for natural beauty in flowers and the gift of arranging them in a way that makes you feel as though they were never touched by human hands.  

Diane's Dismal Creek Flowers produces wonderful arrangements for our guests to place in their overnight accommodations, on their dinner table or even as extensive as weddings.  They are available in all sorts of sizes and are always in an interesting, creative vessel that makes the entire arrangement feel well thought out from beginning to end. It is obvious that Diane's flowers are full of love and gathered with care.  She uses only flora that are in season and are locally grown and cultivated - most right on her organic farm. This makes everything Diane does unique and very personal.

Dismal Creek Flowers are a natural choice when you need to add that extra special touch to your next stay at the Inn. Just mention "dismal" to our reservation office and they will know what you are talking about. We will see you then!

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