Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Short Mountain Shine

Moonshine is certainly nothing new in "these here parts" surrounding Evins Mill, but it seems to be all the rage recently sweeping the nation.  From the reality shows to all the coolest bars and restaurants, moonshiners and their goods have made it mainstream. Lucky for us, we have the best right here in our own backwoods!

Adding a much needed ingredient to our growing list of local food producers, we now have Short Mountain Distillery's moonshine.  These guys are making award winning moonshine that is nothing short of tradition, history, pristine ingredients, and a passion for their craft all in one bottle.

We recently enjoyed a tour of the facilities which anyone can do Thursday through Saturday.  You can learn all about what goes into each bottle and even get a sampling while you're there.  Taking the one of these tours is highly recommended on your next stay with us.  We also hosted our first Short Mountain Distillery tasting dinner here at the Mill a few months ago and will certainly be planning another. It was an evening flowing of moonshine and a menu to soak it all up!

Short Mountain Distillery's shine is certainly on our bar menu and is featured in seasonal cocktail specials, but has become one of my favorite new inspirations for creating in the kitchen. Our local honey, moonshine caramel sauce may be the best use so far, but the personal meat loaf with Benton's bacon, moonshine ketchup glaze was not too shabby either.

You can learn all about Short Mountain Distillery on their website or better yet go and see them. These guys have painstakingly covered every detail when it comes to making the best, most authentic moonshine available, and it shows. Keep your shine on guys!  

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