Tuesday, May 24, 2016

A Trip Down Harmony Lane

Julie David of Harmony Lane has a quote on her website that I like..."Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony".  Julie's definition of happiness reminds me of one of my favorite words, "integrity". We might just be on to something when we find ourselves living out happiness and integrity in our daily lives. My family and I were able to witness this first hand recently on a tour of Harmony Lane Farm and Creamery.

Harmony Lane is our newest family member to the ever growing tree of Thoughtful Provence. We are now purchasing our chevre from the David's and are so excited. First of all, they are local, right here in Smithville! They also seem to know just a little bit about goats, and milking, and making cheese (insert sarcasm); oh the cheese, it is amazing! I could live on cheese alone for those who do not know.

Julie and Mark are relatively new in the business, but have left no detail out in running a beautiful farm that is officially a Grade A dairy. On our visit, we toured the milking and cheese making facilities, pastures with all sorts of animals, and even got to try our hand at feeding the kids bottles and hand milking Zora (thanks Zora, you are quite the lady). We also learned so much about what goes into making the cheese that we so often take for granted. Goats do not take a day off by the way in case you were on the fence about doing this yourself.

You can read all about the Davids and how they started on their website, but I certainly recommend the farm tour which they can do with a reservation. This might be a nice add on to your next visit to the Mill! We will be using the chevre, but they also have soaps, ground beef and pork sausage that are produced and can be purchased right on the farm.

A big thank you Julie for the wonderful tour; our kids (children) loved playing with your kids (baby goats) and learning to milk for the first time. Harmony Lane certainly fits in nicely with all of our partners in food here at Evins Mill. Passionate folks being intentional and creative. Look for the chevre on you next visit to our table!

   Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony” 

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