Friday, September 2, 2016

Northfield Vineyards

We recently had the pleasure of touring a new Tennessee winery - and tasting some of its wares. Northfield Vineyards is located near Sparta, just a thirty minute drive from Evins Mill - a beautiful country drive with a prize at the end!

I am not sure I can put the words down to describe Mark Ray, owner of Northfield Vineyards. Mark starts out as a "good ol' boy" in all the right ways, then takes all your preconceived ideas of drinking and wine making and gives you no choice other than to change your ways. 

Mark has taken fruits like cranberries, blackberries, muscadines, and rhubarb and turned them into wine that...well, (as they say around here) makes your tongue slap your face. I am not a sweet wine drinker but was blown away by the flavors of Mark's wines. The Northfield selections do not lead with sugar and follow with fruit - they are fruit forward, in your face juicy. There are sweet and dry ones, all to my surprise pleasing to a suspicious pallet.

Mark's wine making started out with picking muscadines for his "Granny" to eat, which eventually led to a five gallon bucket of the "worst stuff ever" according to Mark. After a few classes, patience, prodding, love, and determination, he has it right. 

Mark and family should be proud of their creations. They have a store front at the winery for you to shop and sample their wine. You can only get Northfield wines on site or in select locations, so this really is a well kept secret ...for now! Visiting Northfield will be another great activity to be enjoyed when at Evins Mill.

As always, when we highlight a new friend, we will be serving their wares at Evins Mill -Northfield's wine will be available by the bottle. We are also working on some wine-cocktail, spritzer ideas. These wines are wonderful on their own as a porch pounder, pare up well with food, make a nice after dinner course, or mix well with a prosecco for a wine spritzer. 

Thanks Northfield for being our partner! It is both fun and an honor to feature your wine.

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  1. This is very exciting for us here at Northfield Vineyards as well. What a great place like Evins Mill to be the first restaurant to offer our wines on a regular basis! Very Exciting!
    Great food, great venue and great people!
    Mark Ray--Northfield Vineyards