Wednesday, November 16, 2016

SPEAKeasy Spirits

As we near the holiday season and the chill in the air that comes with it, it is time to cozy up to the fireplace with a celebratory beverage. Our featured partner for this post is becoming a regular around the Mill in aiding with the celebration.

SPEAKeasy Spirits has been distilling their fine products in Nashville since 2011, including Whisper Creek Tennessee Sipping Cream and Pickers Vodka, recently featured in a recipe we posted for our Headless Horseman. Pickers also comes in several flavors to mix it up occasionally. The Pickers Original is wonderfully smooth all by itself, and is also a fantastic canvas to brush your favorite flavors on. We will be playing with cranberries, spices and pomegranate in the coming weeks!

While these guys are producing spirits of the highest quality, their products are not ones you have to save up for all year to buy - and that is something to celebrate! SPEAKeasy also uses non GMO, Tennessee corn in their vodka, uses a hot water recycling process in their production, and also uses the stillage (byproduct) to feed local farm animals.

It never gets old seeing folks doing something the right way, and not just the easy way. Welcome to Evins Mill SPEAKeasy! Gather round the fire and stay a while, and thank you for helping our guests relax and celebrate all year.

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