Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Kenny's Farmhouse Cheese

There is obviously much to love about Evins Mill and its neighborhood for me to have passionately stayed around to create in the kitchen for the last, almost fifteen years. I must say that I do often daydream of the days traveling the world and trying foods and flavors that open your mouth and soul to brand new experiences. Luckily, these days you can order just about anything from around the world and have it to play with here in middle Tennessee. But some foods do not travel so well. Artisan cheese would have to be one of these. I have so many wonderful memories of the European, New Zealand, and Tasmanian cheeses paired with simple local produce, bread, and wine.

It is my good fortune, and yours, that Evins Mill now carries a growing variety of Kenny's Farmhouse Cheese! We happened upon Kenny's cheese through one of our other local partners, Northfield Vineyard. We purchased some, and now we're hooked! After a little research and figuring out the best way to get it here from Austin, Kentucky, we now have a variety of different styles and flavors of Kenny's cheese.

I will not be able to adequately list and describe the two dozen varieties of cheese they offer, but I can say that we have the Nena, Barren County Blue, Kentucky Blue, Brie, Kentucky Rose, Reserve Cheddar - and that they are each unique and amazing. Kenny's website is beautiful and informative, with a full list of their cheeses with descriptions, beverage pairings, and information about the beginnings and the care that goes into creating the perfect milk and then cheese. It is clear that the only thing easy about the process is our getting to enjoy this fabulous cheese.

We will be offering up our new found goodies on salads, cheese boards, and the like. Please take a look at Kenny's Farmhouse Cheese, order some cheese, and come see me at Evins Mill smiling and daydreaming a little less now that we have some of the best cheese around!

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